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Lacuna Coil - Unleashed Memories (Silver Streak Vinyl)

Lacuna Coil - Unleashed Memories (Silver Streak Vinyl)

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  • First Time On Vinyl
  • Mastered for Vinyl
  • Silver Streak Vinyl
  • Includes 2-Sided Printed Insert
  • Vinyl housed in Black Poly-Lined Sleeve
  • Style: Gothic Metal
  • Series: Limited Run Vinyl
  • 299,751 Monthly Spotify Listeners
  • Originally released on CD in 2001
  • UPC: 765105159922
  • 2024 Back Breaker Records (BBR0006)
  • Release Date June 1, 2024

The long-awaited reissue of Lacuna Coil's iconic 2nd album "Unleashed Memories" is vinyl-ly on vinyl.

Packaged with care, each vinyl is housed in a sleek black poly-lined sleeve, ensuring optimal protection and preservation of the music within. Inside, fans will find a beautifully crafted two-sided printed insert, featuring artwork and insights that delve deeper into the world of Lacuna Coil.

As part of our exclusive Limited Run Vinyl series, this reissue is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With only a limited number available, fans are urged to secure their copy before it's gone.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of music history. Join the ranks of over 299,751 monthly Spotify listeners who have been captivated by the haunting allure of Lacuna Coil's "Unleashed Memories." Originally released on CD in 2001, this album continues to stand the test of time, resonating with fans old and new. Experience the darkness, the passion, and the raw emotion of "Unleashed Memories" on vinyl today.

Heir Of A Dying Day 4:59
To Live Is To Hide 4:34
Purify 4:36
Senzafine 3:53
When A Dead Man Walks 5:54

1.19 4:58
Cold Heritage 5:23
Distant Sun 5:29
A Current Obsession 5:20
Wave Of Anguish 4:40

Originating from Milan, Italy, Lacuna Coil has emerged as a prominent force within the gothic/alternative metal genre. Their second full-length album, "Unleashed Memories," debuted in 2001, marking a pivotal moment in the band's trajectory toward the gothic/atmospheric metal throne. This release showcased a significant evolution in Lacuna Coil's sound, presenting a more refined and polished approach compared to their earlier works.

Gone are the heavy and rough edges that characterized their previous releases, replaced instead by a lighter, more sophisticated iteration of gothic metal. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paradise Lost, a seminal influence on the band, as well as the atmospheric rock/metal stylings of The Gathering, Lacuna Coil crafted an album that seamlessly merges these influences into a cohesive sonic experience.

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