Who We Are

Welcome to Back Breaker Records

At Back Breaker Records, we transcend the ordinary, unleashing a relentless storm of thrash, metal, and rock that shatters the boundaries of sonic convention. Our identity isn't confined to a label; we are architects of chaos, purveyors of unapologetic brutality, and champions of uncompromising sound with the highest of quality vinyl releases and packaging.

The War Cry of Aggression

Back Breaker Records thrives on the unyielding pulse of aggression, where each album serves as a battle cry and every artist emerges as a battle-hardened warrior. Specializing in the raw power of thrash, the unbridled fury of metal, and the gritty defiance of rock, we declare war against the mundane, carving a sanctuary for those who crave the intensity of unfiltered, no-holds-barred music.

Defying the Ordinary

Join the legion of the relentless, the defiant, and the downright badass. Welcome to Back Breaker Records, where the only rule is to break them all. Our commitment to authenticity and artistic rebellion is the backbone of our ethos, ensuring that each release under our banner is a visceral, sonic experience that defies the ordinary.

Vinyl Revolution: Analog Carnage

Buckle up for a vinyl revolution at Back Breaker Records. Every month, we unleash our sonic onslaught on vinyl, meticulously remastered for an analog experience that transcends the digital realm. It's like playing rock, paper, scissors with a throat punch – a visceral impact that goes beyond the speakers, hitting you like a sonic uppercut. Get ready to feel the analog carnage at Back Breaker Records.